There may be several reasons your interests in Nashville are limited to the east side of town.

Maybe you’ll be without a car and the hotel room you’ve booked is in East Nashville. Perhaps you’re in town for a business trip and will be limited to East Nashville due to meetings or conferences. Or, maybe you simply live in the area and want to find fun things to do nearby.

Nashville Tips & Tricks Guide

Whatever the reason may be, we have you covered with an abundance of things to do, restaurants to eat and drink at, and unforgettable experiences that only the east side of Nashville can offer.

Starting with our top five choices, here is a list of amazing activity options for a trip to East Nashville, followed by an extended list of activities organized by type.

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Our Top 5 Picks

1. Visit The Grand Ole Opry. Possibly the most recognizable establishment in Nashville is technically in East Nashville. Check out a show, or tour the museum.

2. Grab a bite at The Treehouse. This incredibly charming dining space serves delicately appetizing dishes in a unique space  —  a treehouse in the heart of East Nashville.

3. Grab a beer at Southern Grist. One of Tennessee’s most well-known breweries is located in East Nashville where you can get delicious craft beer in a charming setting.

4. Get your splash on at Wave Country. Wave Country is a public swimming area in East Nashville that provides lots of fun waterslides and pools to take the edge off the notorious Tennessee heat.

5. Make reservations at Lockeland Table. Looking for a fancy place to take clients or a romantic date? Lockeland Table might be the place. They have upscale food such as steak dinners, as well as their famous wood-fired pizzas, for a reasonable price.

Active & Adventurous Activities In East Nashville

Enjoy a day of nature at Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Natural Area

It can be hard to find natural areas worth visiting in urban areas such as Nashville especially those with wooded areas, well-kept trails, and majestic waterways, but surprisingly, East Nashville has a lot of fantastic parks that fit this description, including Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Natural Area.

The greenway is perfect for walking, biking, or even rollerblading, and the scenery can’t be beat. If you’re lucky, you may have opportunities for wildlife spotting or birdwatching.

Visit Fredrick Douglas Park

Fredrick Douglas Park is a neighborhood park with a baseball field, basketball court, and tennis court all free and available to the public. It was originally established in 1934 before being cleared for the Ellington Parkway. Now, this historic park has been re-established and is enjoyed by both local residents and tourists alike.

Feel the burn at East Park Community Center

The East Park Community Center is really a hidden gem of the East Nashville Community. Similar to a YMCA, the East Park Community Center provides a fantastic facility for working out, taking classes, swimming, and even viewing movies at its very own black box theatre.

What makes this special place even better is the incredibly affordable cost! For a day pass, adults will pay $3.00 and seniors and kids will pay $1.50. This is a fantastic way to get your work out without having to break the bank!

Practice your swing at Two Rivers Golf Course

There are many golf courses to choose from in the Nashville area, but in East Nashville, the choice is clear  —  whether you’re a seasoned golfer or trying out a new sport, you need to check out Two Rivers Golf Course.

You’ll find yourself on beautifully manicured green with relaxing wooded scenery, one of the biggest pros of this incredible golf course is that it’s super affordable! A weekday pass will only set you back $13.00 and a cart rental is only $6.00 to $12.00 depending on the course.

Find new heights at Climb Nashville East

One of the Nashville area’s best climbing gyms is located in East Nashville and is totally worth the visit if you’re looking to get a good workout on your visit to The Music City.

Climb Nashville East has all of the necessary equipment available for even the most inexperienced climbers, and their staff is well-equipped to help you experience a safe and fun session, or answer any questions you may have. Best of all, first-time climbers can get a day pass for only $20.00, and that includes shoe and equipment rental.

Play and learn at Cornelia Fort Air Park

This unique and fascinating place in East Nashville serves as both a monument to an interesting part of Nashville's history, as a playground and park for families, and as a music festival grounds for the Cornelia Fort Pickin’ Party.

Cornelia Fort Air Park was a former airport named after WWII hero and Nashville resident, Cornelia Fort, who was the first female aviator to encounter fire at Pearl Harbor. The airport was involved in many historic incidents over the years, including the site where Earl Scruggs landed in his infamous plane crash, and where Patsy Clines's plane stopped to refuel before tragically crashing to her death.

Now you can visit this historic site yourself and learn about these events, or take the kids to climb on the jungle gym.

Pop an ollie at Two Rivers Skate Park

There are a few Nashville skateparks worth mentioning, but there’s only one located in East Nashville  —  the Two Rivers Skate Park, a publicly owned place for both kids and adults to practice their tricks or try out a new sport.

This facility has all of the standard skate park classics — half pipes, bowls, bars, and ramps. Most wheels are allowed except for anything motorized. The park is open from dawn until dusk.

Go to war at Nashville Airsoft

If you’re looking for a family fun activity located in East Nashville, definitely check out Nashville Airsoft. They have a variety of exciting courses where you can compete in a safe (but fun) tactical mission. They provide all of the necessary equipment and no appointment is required.

Food & Beverage Activities In East Nashville

Get a drink at The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club

Nashville is full of eclectic bars, but The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club in East Nashville is definitely high on the list of must-visit places if your goal is to get a fancy cocktail in a unique atmosphere.

Come in for one of their signature cocktails such as the Road to Elysian  —  a delicious blend of coconut-washed menorval calvados, old forester rye, amaro averna, punt e mes, and topped with toasted coconut, and sea salt, or try one of their cheeseboards, or homemade cookies.

Get a drink and a bite at Cafe Roze

Cafe Roze is a Parisian-style cafe with delicious cocktails, espresso drinks, and engaging dishes such as Pain Bagnat, a delectable pole-caught tuna sandwich served on their daytime menu, or the Pei Mussels, served with chile, pickled peppers, and grilled toast which is available on their dinner menu.

Experience authentic Mexican cuisine at Rosepepper Cantina

The food and drinks at Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville are no joke. They have won awards for both Nashville’s Best Mexican Restaurant and Nashville’s Best Margarita for eleven consecutive years.

But that’s not the only thing that draws people to Rosepepper Cantina. Their uniquely authentic Sonoran-style dishes, as well as their eclectic atmosphere and relaxing patio all play into a wonderful dining experience that you won’t forget.

Enjoy a new twist on Mediterranean food at Butcher and Bee

Butcher and Bee is entirely its own entity. It’s not quite pub food, it’s not quite Mediterranean food, and it’s more than just a blend of the two. When you get a table at Butcher and Bee, you’ll be able to find everything from humus burgers to mujadara to chicken schnitzel, and everything is made from scratch.

Also worth mentioning is their patio where you can sometimes catch a live event. Reservations are not required, but strongly encouraged.

Get coffee and breakfast at Frothy Monkey

This amazing place specializes in all-day breakfast dishes and an unforgettable cup of coffee. You can find all of the classics here  —  omelets, breakfast hash, biscuits, and gravy, but all made with farm-fresh ingredients and served in a bright and inviting dining space.

Frothy Monkey also roasts their own blends of coffee beans, so you know that whether you order a cappuccino, macchiato, or a regular cup of drip coffee, you’re getting the best possible cup you could order. If you particularly like your cup, buy a bag to take home with you.

Grab a bite at Fatbelly Pretzel

Fatbelly Pretzel is more than a boring old pretzel joint like Auntie Anns, they run a full bakery and deli.

That means you can order a dozen of their signature Fatbelly pretzels (a unique style made to have crispy thin arms and fat, chewy bodies) and a couple of sandwiches (such as their delicious muffuletta or Cubano), and a couple of pints of their famous chicken salad to go!

Get a pint at TailGate Brewery

There are a million breweries in Nashville to choose from, but one of the best is located near the center of East Nashville. Apart from their fantastic selection of delicious beer, TailGate Brewery also provides a menu of yummy food and a breezy patio to enjoy it on.

Music & Entertainment Activities In Eash Nashville

Go dancing at The 5 Spot

If you’re looking to shake your tailfeathers with your significant other, or just have a fun night for yourself, The 5 Spot has you covered.

This unique music venue and cocktail lounge books a wide variety of genres, artists, and bands ranging anywhere from hip-hop to country, and when there isn’t a band or artist booked, there is likely a dance party planned which is known to get pretty wild.

See a show at The Basement East

The Basement East is just one of many amazing Nashville music venues that books the bands that you want to see in a space that sounds good and is easy to navigate. The drinks are fairly affordable for a venue, and there’s a patio available if you need to catch a breath of fresh air after dancing your tail off!

See or sing some karaoke at The Lipstick Lounge

The Lipstick Lounge is an LGBTQ+ bar that hosts a variety of fun events. One of the more popular and regular events is their nightly karaoke. Come out for some cheap drinks, delicious food, and some of the most talented amateur singers you’ve ever seen.

Sid Gold’s Request Room

The acts booked at Sid Gold’s Request Room are legendary, but what really makes this music venue special is the way it makes room for audience participation.

Sid Gold’s Request Room is a piano bar, and like all traditional piano bars, you’ll be given a show, but you can also request to perform. There will be a sign-up sheet where you can request a song be played. If your request is able to be honored, you will be asked if you’d like to sing it on-stage. It’s a great way to show off your singing chops and also see and interact with great performers.

Museums To Check Out In East Nashville

See a piece of television history at Cooter’s Place

If you grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard on TV, visiting Cooter’s Place is a must for you on your trip to East Nashville.

You’ll be able to view all of the set artifacts from the real Dukes of Hazzard show up close and personal, including the original General Lee, Daisy’s Jeep, and Boss Hog’s patrol car.

Not only will you get to view these cool vehicles and more, but you also might get lucky enough to meet an actor from the show! Cooter himself is the founder and proprietor of this fantastic free museum.

Looking for a place to view some contemporary art? Red Arrow Gallery is the place to go! This amazing space allows exactly the type of vibe art lovers will appreciate  —  wide open spaces, multiple floors, and a plethora of artists from around the world.

What also sets this space apart is that it has been woman-owned and run for the past six years, which fosters a supportive and creative environment for artists from all walks of life.

Ed Nash Fine Art Gallery is a gallery that features some of the many collections of internationally known Nashville resident Ed Nash.

His works are usually described as large, bold, and colorful. He often specializes in using abstract styles and painting breathtaking landscapes. His work is hung in the US Senate building, in the homes of senators and musicians, as well as in museums around the world.

Book an appointment at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum

Railfans visiting or living in the East Nashville area are sure to enjoy The Tennessee Central Railway Museum.

This volunteer organization is tasked with preserving vintage trains and railway equipment. You can tour the museum by appointment or check out one of their many yearly events which offers historical reenactments and rides.

Unique Experiences To Find In East Nashville

Pick out a record at Grimey’s New and Pre-loved Music

Grimey’s New and Pre-loved Music is an East Nashville establishment that is a must-see for music lovers traveling to the area.

They are often referred to as a record shop, but they carry many forms of media including CDs, movies, books, and magazines. They also host many exciting events including musical performances and beer tastings, most of which are free to attend.

Check out the Nashville Public Library East Branch

The services offered at the Nashville Public Library East Branch are too numerous to mention in the length of this article, but it goes without saying  —  this is no ordinary library. You can find many free events including yoga classes, seed exchanges, puppet shows, public readings, book swaps, and classes on anything from creative writing to gardening.

Of course, you can also do all of the other classic library activities including checking out books and using the computers.

Take a tour of the city on the Nashville Party Barge

One of the city’s most affordable and unique party tours offers a variety of specialized tours including a scavenger hunt, a mural tour, and a sightseeing tour! The on-bus bar and stops along the way ensure that you’ve got your drinks covered as you see the city through an exciting lens.

Get your game on at Game Point

If you enjoy tabletop games, you’ll love Game Point located in East Nashville. This fun game shop also doubles as a cafe and bar, and they offer a nice warm outdoor seating area if you’d like to enjoy the outdoors while you and your friends play your newly selected games!