Nashville, TN — September 20, 2023 — Wandrly today announced the launch of its web app, a platform and resource that helps users find fun and exciting things to do based on their interests and activities they enjoy doing.

Using filters including attraction type, activity, and distance, users can browse the types of activities they like doing — and exclude the ones they don’t.

Users can pick and choose the exact types of attractions they want to see. They can choose one attraction type or combine multiple attraction types to browse all the possibilities in their area. Current attraction types include Drinking, Events, Fun & Games, Museums, Outdoors, Performing Arts, Points of Interest, Shopping, Sports, Tours, Workshops, and Zoos & Aquariums.

Wandrly also utilizes tags to help users further refine results and find exactly what they’re looking for. Current tags include Active, Adult, Architectural, Chill, Drinking, Educational, Historic, Indoors, Kid-friendly, Live Music, Outdoors, Romantic, Spiritual, Upbeat, and Weird.

All attractions are searchable by a list and/or by map. Users can also narrow down results by distance to find the best activities closest to them. Additionally, Wandrly also includes options for hiding attractions that users don’t want to see and saving attractions to custom lists for later and/or trip planning.

“Whatever you’re looking to do, Wandrly can help you find it”, says Cody Slingerland, CEO and Co-founder of Wandrly.

The company is founded by Co-founders, Cody Slingerland, CEO, and Kyle Woodward, CTO. Combined, the pair has over 20 years of experience in the software and technology industry.

“We started Wandrly to solve a problem in the travel, tourism, and entertainment space. Right now, it’s too difficult, time-consuming, and overwhelming to find new and fun experiences that you know for certain that you’ll enjoy doing. Finding new experiences often takes hours of research using Google and various travel blogs or local guides. Even then, you’re likely to see many of the same suggestions, making it hard to find new or lesser-known attractions.”

After roughly two years of living a digital nomad lifestyle, moving from city to city, Slingerland and Woodward came together to create a seamless experience that helps travelers and locals alike quickly and easily find things to do that they know they’ll enjoy.

“I’m an avid traveler and I’m always on the lookout for new, fun, and interesting things to do. Unfortunately, finding new things to do is a time-consuming and frustrating process”, says Slingerland.

Slingerland has been traveling place-to-place since February 2022, spending a month to several months in various cities across the U.S. and internationally, including Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, San Francisco, Nashville, and Tampa, as well as stints in Mexico, Canada, and Croatia.

Woodward is also a digital nomad, spending time traveling to cities like Nashville, Denver, Las Vegas, Baton Rouge, and even living internationally in Mexico for a year.

“As travel and tourism continues to recover, and even become a bigger industry than it was pre-Pandemic, users still have limited options for finding things to do in Nashville or places they plan to travel to. The two main options for finding attractions in Nashville right now are Tripadvisor and Google. While both of those platforms are helpful, they lack the power to truly customize and personalize your search. It’s also too easy to miss out on finding lesser-known attractions, especially if you’re new to an area,” says Slingerland.

“Tripadvisor is heavily focused on helping visitors find tours they’ll enjoy. While that's great, sometimes you want to do something on your own, without the support of a tour guide. The options for finding these types of activities on Tripadvisor are more limited. It’s also harder to personalize and customize your search to the extent that we believe is possible.”

Slingerland adds, “Google is great for finding things to do but it can be a time-consuming and lengthy process. It’s highly customizable, in that you can search for a variety of search terms and find things to do in any given city. You’ll discover a nearly endless list of guides, blog posts, and other resources with lists of things to do. The problem with this content is that it’s often static and largely repetitive. For instance, the top 10 results for a search like ‘Things to do in Nashville’ largely includes many of the same attractions. This makes it hard to find lesser-known places. Most of this content is also in the form of blog posts and guides, making it impossible to filter down on specific types of activities. Which equates to someone spending time scrolling through activities they’re not interested in. It’s also harder to manage attractions you want to go to in a centralized location without the help of 3rd party tools like text editors.”

Wandrly’s goal is to become the go-to resource and app for finding things to do that you know you’ll enjoy based on customization and personalization — whether you’re looking for local activities or something to do at a location you’re traveling to.

The company is launching its app in the Nashville metropolitan area due to a variety of key factors that Slingerland and Woodward believe will be successful in furthering the awareness and development of the app.

“We believe Nashville is the perfect place to launch Wandrly. After a record-breaking year of tourism, explosive growth, and a number of new attractions, including bars, restaurants, venues, and other fun places opening on a continuous basis, this sets up Nashville as a city with an abundance of entertainment and experience options. The city has a large population, with many new residents each year, and a growing number of tourists, all of which will want to explore the city — and find new things to do.”

“We want to give these people a helpful resource for making that process easier and more personal. Wandrly helps locals and tourists alike quickly and easily find things to do based on their interests and things they enjoy doing. With customizable filtering options like attraction types, tags, and more, Wandrly helps people narrow down and see only the types of activities they want to see,” says Slingerland.

“We’re excited to launch this app in Nashville at a time of amazing growth and tourism in the area. We look forward to hearing feedback from the community and continuing to make the platform a go-to resource for finding things to do.”

About Wandrly

Wandrly is a web app that helps people find fun things to do, based on their interests and activities they enjoy doing. Custom filtering allows users to find exactly the types of attractions and activities they’re interested in. Filter by attraction type, including Points of Interest, Outdoors, Shopping, Drinking, Performing Arts, Tours, and more. Tags provide additional filtering options including Outdoors, Indoors, Kid-Friendly, and Adult-only activities, among others. Apply as many or as few of these filters as you want, and browse only the types of activities you want to see. All attractions are searchable by listing and/or by map, and you can even narrow down by distance to find the best activities closest to you. Whatever you’re looking to do, Wandrly can help you find it. Visit to use the platform today.